Chase Covers

If your chimney does not have a concrete crown, it likely has a chase cover. A chase cover is a metal, typically galvanized steel, cover fitted over the chimney chase that serves the same purpose as a crown. These functions include:

  • Prevention of water intrusion and damage
  • Protection against debris and animals
  • Preservation of the chimney liner
  • Spark containment
  • Draft improvement

Because these chase covers are made of galvanized steel, over time they can rust and deteriorate, allowing water to penetrate the chimney interior. If you have a leak, the chase cover is likely the culprit.

At Chimney & Masonry Outfitters, we provide you with a high-quality, custom-fitted, stainless steel chase cover. These chase covers are fabricated specifically for proper water drainage with a convex profile and drip edges. They come with a lifetime warranty and will not deteriorate like galvanized steel.

Contact CMO today with any chase cover or water intrusion concerns. Our Outfitters provide leak evaluations for homes in the Nashville area.