Leak Assessment

A poorly maintained chimney can lead to water penetration. This water penetration can cause serious damage to the structure of your chimney and  home. If you notice a leak in your Nashville home but are unsure of its origin, CMO can help. Our professional technicians will perform a leak assessment, locate the problem and prescribe a solution.

What Causes Leaks?

Even if your chimney has never experienced a leak before, it’s a good idea to inspect your chimney regularly to be safe. A chimney can develop leaks quickly, especially during a period of heavy rain. There are several common causes of leaky chimneys, and fortunately, all of them have straightforward solutions.

If your chimney is regularly exposed to rain or bad weather, it can suffer from masonry damage. When bricks become too worn, they begin to look old and degraded. Worse, they can lose their integrity and let water seep through into your home.

Similarly, if the seals between your chimney and the roof itself wears away, water can easily leak through the gaps. These water-tight strips between the roof and the chimney, called flashing, are crucial to the integrity of not only your chimney, but your house. This potential water damage can hurt your roof as well as the ceilings and walls around the chimney itself.

Finally, a well-fitted chimney cap is important to keeping unwanted water out of your house. If your chimney cap fits badly or has been lost, your chimney has no protection from rain and other natural elements. 

What to Look For

Remember, a leaky chimney doesn’t always manifest itself as a pool of water in the fireplace. While a pool in your fireplace is certainly concerning, you should look for other signs of leaks as well: water damage on the walls or ceiling near your chimney or water or heavy condensation in your firebox, for example. If you have any doubts as to the integrity of your chimney, reach out. 

Once our Outfitters have performed a leak assessment, we can offer a solution, perform a repair and prevent future problems. If you live in the greater Nashville area, schedule a full leak assessment with CMO today.