Crown Repair and Replacement

The concrete crown (or chase cover) is the roof of the chimney. It protects the chimney interior (and the interior of your home) from water penetration and the resulting serious damage. The freeze-thaw cycles of Nashville winters, as well as other stressors, can crack or damage your concrete crown. Water can then penetrate that crown and deteriorate your chimney.

Be aware of these indicators of crown damage and water penetration:

  • Efflorescence (white residue) on your masonry chimney and fireplace
  • Cracked mortar joints
  • Spalling and defacement of the brick or stone
  • Interior leaks in your chimney and fireplace

CMO chimney crowns are high-quality and durable, consisting of Portland cement and pea gravel and enforced by rebar bars. Our concrete crowns have a convex shape and overhang to encourage run-off.

If you’ve noticed any of the above indicators in your Nashville home, please don’t hesitate to give CMO a call. We can perform a leak evaluation, replace your chimney crown and prevent further water intrusion and damage.