Chimney Installation

A chimney is a critical ventilation system that allows you to enjoy the fireplace in your Nashville home. The chimney expels flue gases and combustion byproducts outside of your home and creates the appropriate draft for your fire. If you already have a chimney, we will help you with maintenance and repairs. However, you may need a new chimney installation if your current chimney has significant damage or structural inefficiencies. 


Signs of Chimney Damage

Inspect your current chimney for the severe signs of damage that indicate you may need a chimney installation. The signs of damage to look out for include:

  • Efflorescence: Chalky staining that occurs when excessive moisture gets into the brick and mortar joints. 
  • Shaling: When your chimney liner deteriorates, shards fall off and collect in your fireplace. Shaling is a result of typical wear and tear, but may also indicate a severe underlying issue. 
  • Flaking Exterior Bricks: Masonry flaking from the exterior of your chimney is known as “spalling.” Moisture entering your masonry can cause spalling. 
  • Flue Fires: Creosote buildup on the inner lining of your chimney is highly flammable and can cause a chimney fire. Yearly chimney sweeps are an easy way to prevent flue fires, but many homeowners forget their chimney sweep until it is too late. Call emergency services to handle a flue fire, but know that the fire may irreparably damage your chimney. 
  • Smoke: A damaged chimney with a broken liner can emit a lot of smoke, and should not be used until you have it repaired. 
  • Rust: A rusty, difficult to use damper is a sign of moisture damage. 
  • Stains in your home: Moisture that gets into your chimney may also get into your home, and discolor the walls or ceiling near your fireplace. 


When to Consider New Installation 

Consistent maintenance and repairs is the easiest way to avoid having to get new installation. However, events outside of your control may also severely damage your chimney, making new chimney installation the best option. You should consider new installation when:

  • You notice severe signs of damage. 
  • Your current chimney is placed on an outside wall. These chimneys are exposed to outdoor elements and pull cold air into your home
  • Your fireplace and chimney do not meet building safety codes. 
  • You need a chimney with better insulation. 
  • Your current chimney is detracting from the visual appeal of your home. 


We Will Help 

The time may come for new chimney installation, and the Chimney & Masonry Outfitters of Nashville are here to help. We guarantee the best service around, with a keen eye for detail and unmatched artistry. We are a highly-experienced, full-service masonry provider, ready to maintain, repair, or install your chimney. Contact us at (615) 823-8268 or OFFICE@CMOUTFITTERS.COM to learn more about chimney installation or to schedule your appointment today.