Chimney Rebuild

Sometimes chimneys are beyond repair and have too much damage to function safely. Deteriorating or neglected chimneys can create a fire hazard, structural damage in your home, or the potential for mold and mildew issues due to water penetration. 

Ways to Evaluate Your Chimney

There are many key signs to look for when evaluating your chimney for damage. Most issues that lead you to need a chimney rebuild are related to structural or water damage. Even if you do not use your chimney regularly these are important issues to deal with, as they can have a larger impact on your home.

CMO offers chimney inspection services to evaluate the kind of repair your chimney needs. We use the three levels of inspection designated by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, ranging from checkups for fully functioning chimneys to a deeper search for structural damage. Chimney inspections are highly recommended and will allow us to determine the best chimney repair or rebuild option to keep you and your family safe. A chimney inspection will also help you understand what preventative measures to take in order to prevent future damage.

You may need to consider a chimney inspection if: 

  •     You recently bought a new house.
  •     You have not had a chimney sweep in over a year.
  •     You notice damage to your external chimney structure.
  •     You notice moisture or mold problems in your home.


How to Proceed with a Rebuild

After your inspection, you will need to decide how to proceed with your chimney restoration, repair, or rebuild. Rebuilding your chimney is typically reserved for the most extreme circumstances, so our outfitters will help you consider options for restoration and reparation if at all possible. If it does come down to a chimney rebuild, however, we will help you decide which rebuild option is best for your home.

Even if you do need a rebuild, it may not be necessary to rebuild your entire chimney. Often the primary damage in a chimney occurs above the roofline of your house. Other times, the worst of the damage is isolated in a lower section of your chimney. In both of these instances, a partial rebuild with supplementary minor repairs could be sufficient. Our Outfitters will work with you to determine they best path forward when it comes to making your chimney safe and functional. 

At CMO, we want to keep you safe by providing the chimney maintenance you need. From regular chimney sweeping to minor repairs to rebuilding, we have you covered. To schedule an inspection or learn more about rebuilding your chimney, give us a call at (615) 823-8268, email us at, or submit a form on our website!