Refractory Panel Replacement

Refractory panels are key components of your fireplace. What are they? Refractory panels form the back and side walls of the firebox. They serve two important functions:

  1. Refractory panels reflect the heat of the fire off their surfaces and project that warmth into the room.
  2. Refractory panels are constructed with durable materials to withstand the heat of the fire and protect the firebox from damage.


CMO’s refractory panels are easy to install and customize according to the dimensions and aesthetics of you fireplace. The panels come in five different sizes and brick patterns and can be cut and drilled to fit your firebox. Are your refractory panels cracked or damaged? Don’t wait for that damage to worsen. Our Outfitters will replace them. Contact CMO today for a free consultation. We service Nashville and the surrounding areas.