Top Mount Damper

Your chimney guides smoke and harmful gases out of your fireplace out of your home to keep your home and family safe. However, a chimney is a hole to the outside, and water, wind, debris, or even animals can enter the top of your chimney if it is open. A top mount damper is an efficient solution to seal your chimney. 


What is a Top Mount Damper?

A top mount damper is placed at the top of your chimney and can be opened or closed with a string from your firebox. It is different from the throat damper that is in your firebox. The throat mouth damper opens and closes the connection between your firebox and chimney, whereas the top mount damper is at the top of your chimney flue and can lock shut. 


Benefits of a Top Mount Damper

Installing a top mount damper is a very easy way to improve your chimney. The greatest benefits of a top mount damper are:

  • Keeps animals out of your chimney. 
  • Easy to open or close from inside your firebox. 
  • It does not inhibit draw. 
  • Cost-effective solution for replacing broken throat dampers. 
  • Keeps your fireplace dry and secure. 
  • Reduces noise from the outside. 
  • An energy-efficient solution that prevents heat or air conditioning loss. 
  • Weathertight. 
  • Reduces smells near your fireplace. 


Get Your Top Mount Damper Today

If you can feel a cold draft coming from your chimney or notice a smoky smell during summer, it is time to get or replace your top mount damper. Many older homes may not have a damper assembly, and adding a top mount damper is a simple way to improve your chimney safety and efficiency. 


The experts at the Chimney and Masonry Outfitters of Nashville are happy to help assess your chimney and determine the best top mount damper for your home. We offer quick, high-quality installation and unparalleled customer support. We offer an energy top mount damper which provides the best seal for your chimney and 90% more efficiency than traditional dampers. Improve your chimney today and install a top mount damper. If you are located in the greater Nashville area, contact CMO today to schedule your appointment and learn more about top mount damper installation.