Water penetration is the chief evil of chimneys. With the freeze-thaw cycles of Nashville winters, water penetration can lead to the serious deterioration of your chimney and can cause structural damage to your home.

Waterproofing is an important measure to prevent water from permeating your masonry chimney. CMO waterproofs masonry chimneys after any project to promote the long-term integrity of our work. We utilize ChimneySaver, a waterproofing product that reduces water penetration and expels water vapors. It is breathable but repellent, protecting porous masonry.

Have you noticed any signs of deterioration on your chimney? CMO can perform the necessary repairs and then waterproof the structure. Looking to prevent that deterioration before it starts? CMO can waterproof your chimney as a preventative measure. Contact CMO for waterproofing today. We serve Nashville and the surrounding areas.