Fireplace Design

A fireplace is not just a heat source or a cozy gathering place; it is a design opportunity. Your fireplace should add warmth, joy, value and beauty to your space. Whether you are installing an interior or exterior fireplace, CMO can help you design a piece that is perfect for your home.

Masonry materials, such as brick or stone, are perfect for fireplace design because they are non-combustible and have a high thermal mass. In addition, brick and stone are beautiful and versatile when it comes to fireplace design. Choose from a variety of sizes, colors and textures to achieve a look that fits your personality. A masonry fireplace is sure to be a stunning focal point, transforming your space.

Our Outfitters can help you choose a design and expertly install your custom fireplace. If you live in the Nashville area, call CMO today. We’d be happy to talk through any fireplace design questions.