Alternative Heat Sources

Fireplaces are gathering places; they add warmth and joy to any home. However, fireplaces can also offer economic advantages. In addition to their aesthetic function, fireplaces contribute to the overall heating of your home. Because of this, your fireplace could help decrease your energy bill and increase your savings.

CMO can help you optimize your fireplace as an alternative heat source. A wood-burning masonry fireplace is a beautiful addition to any home; admittedly, though, it is not the most efficient heat source. If you would like to maximize the heat of your wood-burning fireplace, CMO can advise you as to proper maintenance and best wood-burning practices.

However, if you are really interested in investing in heat efficiency, consider installing a gas or wood-burning insert. These inserts are made to fit into your firebox and to help your masonry fireplace heat your home more effectively.

Are you concerned that your fireplace isn’t performing optimally? CMO can diagnose the problem and help you improve heat efficiency. Are you hoping to install a new heat-efficient fireplace? CMO can help you maximize efficiency. Do you live in the Nashville area? Call CMO today with any and all alternative heat source questions.