Fireplace Repair

Deterioration or dysfunction in a fireplace can be difficult to identify at a glance and therefore is often left neglected. However, repairing these issues as quickly as possible is vital for the integrity and safety of your home. If even small problems are ignored there could be severe and costly consequences.

As a fireplace owner, you should keep your eye out for the following visual indicators of distress:

  • Chipped or missing mortar between the fire brick in the firebox
  • Cracks or gaps between refractory panels
  • Holes in the firebox or smoke chamber
  • Efflorescence (white residue) on the masonry around firebox


Signs of deterioration in your fireplace could indicate more extensive issues in your flue or chimney system. If you live in Nashville and you notice any problems at all, please don’t hesitate to give CMO a call and refrain from using your fireplace in the meantime. All of our Outfitters are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and can handle any fireplace issue. Contact CMO today for a fireplace assessment and repairs.