Gas Fireplace Repair

Whether serving as ambiance for an evening with that special someone, being the centerpiece of those holiday family gatherings or providing the backdrop for a relaxing night by the roaring flames, a good fireplace will never let you down. Clean burning, energy efficient, and safe, gas fireplaces are quickly rising in popularity for homes both old and new for good reason. Gone are the days of needing to keep stacks of endless firewood, the hassle of lighting and regular tending to ensure it stays lit, and then sweeping out the ashes the following day.  

For the most part, owning a gas fireplace is relatively easy and carefree. This is not to say that fireplaces don’t require maintenance or that they don’t break from time to time. There are some things you will want to be on the lookout for to keep your family and home safe during those long winter months.

If your fireplace has issues lighting, for example, it could be caused by faulty wiring. Since gas fireplaces do require an electric current to operate, low wattage may also be a culprit. A little more serious and possibly harder to troubleshoot, a malfunctioning thermocoupler may be the difference between the hypnotic dance of a flickering fire and a cold night wrapped in a blanket.

Because gas fireplaces will run off of propane or natural gas and electricity, the potential for strange odors is real. If you encounter the smell of gas or burning wiring, disconnect the unit and call a service technician immediately. It’s important to remember that not every scent is as consequential, however. A full flue or dirt on the burner may be the cause of such a foul smell and is a very easy fix for most homeowners.

Perhaps the oddity emanating from your unit isn’t a smell but a sound. Depending on the type of unit you own (natural vent, direct vent, vent free), strange sounds aren’t terribly uncommon and aren’t typically a cause for concern. However, poorly adjusted flames, dirty burners, or an issue with the blower may be the cause if the sound you hear isn’t regular.

While their low maintenance make gas fireplaces an attractive option, regular maintenance is still required to keep it burning safely and efficiently. Having your unit inspected and serviced once a year and installing a carbon monoxide detector are both highly recommended practices regardless of the style of fireplace you may own. Call a C&M Outfitters Certified Expert or schedule an appointment online today for any questions or concerns you may have about your gas fireplace.