Brick Restoration

Brick masonry is incredibly green, sustainable and durable, though porous. Because of this, brickwork, if properly installed and maintained, has extreme longevity. Unfortunately, due to lack of awareness, brick masonry is often improperly installed and poorly maintained. This masonry is then vulnerable to Nashville weather, exposed to harsh precipitation, fluctuating temperatures and freeze-thaw cycles. This weathering causes spalling, cracking, splitting and general disrepair, which can then lead to more severe, costly structural damage.

Chimney & Masonry Outfitters is committed to restoring the full integrity of your masonry and maintaining the equity of your home. If your once-beautiful masonry is experiencing wear, our Outfitters can offer an assessment, plan and estimate for restoring the brickwork to its former glory. We will keep you informed concerning the progress of each phase of the process.

At CMO, we are passionate about this restoration work. We can handle any restoration project, no matter how extensive. Whether you live in downtown Nashville, Brentwood, Bellevue, Madison or anywhere in between, give CMO a call. We’d be happy to schedule a visual assessment and estimate today.