Chimney Rebuild

The Problem

The Jarrell family house is located in the East Nashville neighborhood. The lovely home was marred by a dilapidated masonry chimney. Sometimes a chimney is just beyond restoration; the Jarrell structure was in need of a partial rebuild in order to achieve its former glory.

The Solution

The CMO team was called in to execute the rebuild. We began by rebuilding the top 8 courses of brick using a similar brick and mortar to the original masonry in order to achieve as seamless an aesthetic as possible. We also installed a new, custom-fitted stainless steel chase cover with apex design, drip edge, a storm collar and a rain cap. The team ran an aluminum liner down to the appliances in the basement, removed an incinerator pipe from the chimney and mortared over a hole in the basement. Finally, we waterproofed the entire chimney.

The Jarrell home now has a beautiful, functional masonry chimney. The rebuild also came with a 20-year one-time transferable workmanship guarantee—provided that CMO waterproofs the chimney every 5 years—ensuring that the structure is built to last.