Gas Logs

The Problem

The Wilkerson home is located in the Germantown area. The Wilkersons were not making use of their masonry fireplace and had instead created a display of candles in the firebox. They wanted to install a gas burner system and logs that would allow them to enjoy their fireplace fully.

The Solution

CMO was called in for the consultation and execution of this project. We suggested the installation of a gas burner system and ventless gas logs, which offer efficient heat and unmatched beauty to the fireplace experience. These specialized burners burn gas cleanly and produce little to no exhaust so that they can be used in a ventless firebox or with the damper closed. The Wilkersons opted for the G10 Series ceramic refractory log set in the attractive Charred Frontier Oak, featuring the popular burnt through front log. The CMO team ran a gas line from the basement to the firebox, installed a floor key shut off valve and inserted the 18’’ ventless gas logs with remote control.

The Wilkersons can now safely enjoy a beautiful and warm gas fire in their home.