Masonry Chimney Rebuild

The Problem

The Robbins home was marred by a completely dilapidated chimney. Sometimes a chimney is just beyond restoration; the Robbins structure was in need of a complete rebuild in order to achieve its former glory.

The Solution

The CMO crew was called in to tackle this rebuild. The team began by tearing the existing block chimney down to the ground and tearing out the firebox completely. The chimney was then rebuilt with a block interior set in to allow for a full brick veneer to be laid. The chimney was built up 2’ taller than the previous structure to meet current code requirements. A brick veneer was then laid to match the home’s existing brick. The team then installed flue tiles and shoulder caps and poured a new concrete crown. An unused dryer vent was removed and replaced with stone and the entire structure was waterproofed. Finally, the CMO team installed a wood-burning insert with liner and connection.

This was quite a large project, but we’re thrilled with results—and so is the client!