Porch Tuckpoint

The Problem

The Dafforn home is located in the East Nashville neighborhood. The Dafforns have a beautiful masonry porch, which was unfortunately experiencing some wear. Many mortar joints between the bricks were showing signs damage from age, weathering or water penetration. The joints required repairs, and CMO was called in to complete the job.

The Solution

The Dafforns’ masonry porch was in need of tuckpointing in order to stop the deterioration of the mortar joints, prevent further water penetration and restore the integrity and aesthetic of the structure. Tuckpointing is time-consuming, detailed work. The CMO team tuckpointed roughly 600 joints throughout the front porch area, removing damaged mortar and seamlessly applying new mortar. We then waterproofed the entire porch area.

The result was a beautifully repaired and structurally-sound masonry porch. The tuckpointing also came with a 10-year warranty, ensuring that the structure is built to last.